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About NTR Canoe Livery ~ Past & Present

Family owned and operated, NTR Canoe Livery is like a fine wine -- it's not just getting older, it's getting better! Started in 1974, we have grown from little more than 800 guests the first year, to well over 10,000 this past season. We currently run a 50 canoe operation and plan to stay this size. We feel that bigger is not necessarily better and want to offer quality, not quantity. We limit the number of canoes we put on the river at one time, so you can have a proper wilderness experience. We offer canoeing, kayaking, tubing, fishing, camping and easy access to biking, hiking and more.

The Tuscarawas River meanders through woodlands and fields, and gives its gifts to whomever wades into its ever flowing waters. Today's explorer of the Tuscarawas River not only can float past rolling wooded countryside; they also can see and experience a bit of historical America. To one whom such things appeal, nothing will create a more living interest in our past than to find one of the old-time thoroughfares and wander upon it -- to see the river, valley and meadow from the Native American's point of view. The old centuries come back, and the forest and waterway are peopled once again.

The scenery is breathtaking. The Tuscarawas River has not changed much in three hundred years. Seventy-five percent of it is wilderness with very few signs of civilization along the way. The canoeist can view deer, squirrels, great blue herons and many more animals along the fourteen+ miles of this one hundred thirty mile river that we utilize.

What is a LIVERY? Many people are confused by this word, probably because of its similarity to "Delivery". It has a few different definitions, but the one that applies to us is: The Keeping of Vehicles for Hire. In our case, the vehicles would be canoes, kayaks, and tubes.

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