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A fishing license is not required when fishing in the pond located on our property, but a license is required if you plan to throw a line in the Tuscarawas River.

Brett Says: Brett worked at NTR Canoe Livery for 5 years. When he wasn't working, he was fishing, and he never came back empty-handed! He usually caught 30 or more fish at a time. Brett liked to fish the 5 mile stretch of the Tuscarawas river north of Bolivar and also the pond at the Canoe Livery.

Species of Fish: Smallmouth Bass (large numbers), Largemouth Bass (small numbers), Northern Pike (plentiful), Rock Bass (big), Crappie (plentiful), Bluegill (lots!), Catfish & Carp (large & plentiful).

Recommended Lures: Carolina Rig Style Worm (6" plastic works best), Rebel Small Craw w/Orange Underbody Jig & Plastic Grub (white).

On The River: Largemouth hole up in log jams waiting for smaller fish and crayfish. Under bridges are good for Smallmouth Bass because of good water depth and coolness. Rock piles along the bank are great during spawn and summer times for Smallmouth. When the water is low and clear, cast into the heavy riffles w/jig. Bounce your lure off the bottom while keeping tension on the line to detect any hits. Watch out for Northern Pike, they will do a number on your lure. Banks of the river are prime areas during the fall. Smallmouth Bass come into the shallow areas to feed before heading to deeper holes for the winter.

At The Pond: Use worms for Bluegill and minnows or wax worms for Crappie. For Bass use spinners, plastic worms and plastic minnows. Use anything for Northern Pike. Try jigs and minnows for Smallmouth. Use corn and dough balls for Carp. Our plastic "Old Town Canoes" make the perfect quiet fishing vehicle.

BRETT SAYS: Good Luck!

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